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Sheleba Technologies reserves the right to make amendments to this Code of Conduct from time to time. Such amendments are binding on all Sheleba Technologies clients. The current Code of Conduct will be available on the Sheleba Technologies’ web site. Please visit our website Code of Conduct on a regular basis if you wish to see the latest Code of Conduct. 


The purpose of this Code of Conduct is to protect both you and us. Sheleba Technologies is dedicated to clear up any issue that may lead to problems rising at a later stage. For any questions regarding the Code of Conduct please contact us at support@sheleba.co.za.
Sheleba Technologies will not unfairly discriminate against clients and potential clients on the basis of race, gender, age, religion, belief, ethnic background and sexual orientation.

Consumer rights

Your rights in terms of the services provided by Sheleba Technologies include:

a. The right to be provided with the services you required without discrimination.

b. Receive a copy of this Code of Conduct in English.

c. The confidentiality of your personal data, which include the right not to have your personal data sold, or distributed to any third party without your permission except where required so by the law.


Provision of Information

Information regarding the services and products, as well as the terms and conditions applicable to Sheleba Technologies’ services, products and relevant contact details are available on our homepage at www.sheleba.co.za, under Terms & Conditions; Products; and Services.


a. All complaints must be submitted to Sheleba Technologies and will be dealt with by Sheleba Technologies.

b. It is mandatory for all clients to afford us an opportunity to resolve the complaint before they approach the Authority.

c. Complaints are required to be directed to info@sheleba.co.za. The complaint should include:

i. Name and surname.

ii. The date on which the complaint arose and a brief description.

d. All complaints will be acknowledged and Sheleba Technologies will resolve your complaint within 10 working days.

e. The Authority may be approached should you not be satisfied with the outcome of your complaint.


Standards of services offered by Sheleba Technologies

a. Sheleba Technologies will strive to reach 100% success rate in meeting your request for a service.

b. Sheleba Technologies will respond within 24 hours to any query logged to a Sheleba Support Desk.

c. Sheleba Technologies operates a 24/7 dedicated Support Desk for the receipt of clients queries. Sheleba Support Desk is available at www.sheleba.co.za/support.


Physical Address:

No 5 Bauhinia Street
Unit 21 Cambridge Office Park
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